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Everyone faces a business brainstorming session or artistic ‘block’ now and then. Forcing the juices to flow often just make creativity freeze up. We all cry for our Muse at times and sometimes she has the day off.

Can you make creativity happen?

You certainly can give it push.


Bring out the kids. Rather, invite that child within you to come outside and play. And be bold and loud. Mix the colors up and run around the room. Well, we tend to suppress our childlike instincts for days on end, and always at the office or studio. Let the kiddies play. Focus on your business agenda, but twist and turn it upside down.

Children have a natural instinct to whimsy. Find the laughter and inject humor where it is often avoided. Avoid the adult filters and let the ideas and words come crashing out. Creative sessions should have a ‘no holds barred’ rule — nothing is out of bounds. Dangerous — a bit, but when the lightning strikes it usually turns sand into beautiful glass.


Think outside the box? Hell, tear the box down and never get back in. Develop a team without hierarchy, without politics. Can this be done? Not everywhere, but when it can be arranged — even temporarily — it can prove very beneficial. Perhaps bringing an outside creative facilitator to your situation to moderate heavy handed directors or overly influential egos. If even for a day, tear down those walls.


Bring the team together, but don’t focus on the business agenda. Instead, challenge the group to solve something totally off the grid. Work a crossword puzzle together, put together a giant picture puzzle (perhaps against the clock), build a big Lego structure as a team. This tactic can really bring people together.

Be a kid. Burn the box. Crack the code.