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Don’t touch!  Yet, without contact, your fingers can manipulate and control personal technology.

And, The Guru, is having a contest for you to imagine new ways this ingenious device from the imagination of Google will change our world.

Project Soli is Google ATAP’s project to transcend from external input devices — such as dials, buttons, levers, and sliders — and make use of fingers as the only input device. As technology get more compact — miniaturized — interacting with them can get cumbersome. Project Soli uses your hand and finger motions alone to interact with techno=devices without physically touching them.

Gesture or “Mime” Control is a feature present on many of today’s mobile devices. The most popular is drawing an alphabet on the lock screen to get into a particular app or flash the V sign to auto-fire the camera shutter. The other way is waving your hand in front of the front-facing camera on your phone to identify the gesture and act accordingly. It can become frustrating to keep repeating the gesture to get the technology to respond.

But SOLI technology changes everything with a highly effective radar signal that picks up — and interprets correctly — the minute and precise motions.

Watch it:


My Contest:

Share with me one or more ways this non-invasive innovation will be used in the immediate future in consumer, medical, communications, military, or other applications.

First, FOLLOW this blog and my Tweet line @DouglasArnold on Twitter. Retweet the Twitter contest invitation with the hashtag #SoliContest.

Then, Tweet your Soli ideas, one per tweet, to me at @DouglasArnold, with the hashtags #Google #ProjectSoli embedded in the Tweet.

I will pick the single best entry on September 30 at 12 noon. The Winner will receive a fitted Dr. Sheldon Cooper tee shirt.  

Get crackin’ and Bazinga.

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