If necessity is the mother of invention, then a paternity testing laboratory will be needed for ingenuity. I might be overreaching, but the goal of this book is to provide a useful framework and process around the concept of ingenuity. Constructing this will be a challenge because few can agree on the notion of ingenuity and the rainbow of concepts that hover, float, and dance around the minds of scholars, artists, and social scientists.

There are several converging, and possibly conflicting, concepts in play. Imagination, invention, creativity, innovation, inspiration, ideation, brainstorming, genius, and intellect. There are more and certainly more colorful in other languages.

My attempt here is to make a case, albeit presented by a common observer who depends upon instinct and intuition as well as research and scholarly notation. No claim to academic or intellectual foundation is made. This is a take it or leave work that offers some fodder for the brain.

I am tasking myself with making a case for creating a framework that defines and defends what ingenuity is and is not — while providing a relational definition of ingenuity in a world confounded by societies singing anthems of innovation, invention, and imagination.

As our communities shudder under the weight of disruptive change, ingenuity will be the first, best avenue in our transition to the “new tomorrow.”

My manuscript is in the research stage and should be published in early 2015.


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